Swim With Blaire

Teaching New Orleans how to swim for more than a decade

About Me

Hello New Orleans!!!  I have lived in this wonderful city my entire life.  I love what I do.  I have a special ability not only to teach swimming, but to put a smile on every face in the pool. 

Soon after graduating from diapers, I had my first bikini and virtually taught myself how to swim.  At the age of 4 years-old I began swimming competitively in summer swim leagues.  5 years after hitting the water, I had won STATE in both Breast Stroke and Back Stroke.  My hard work continued to pay off all through high school as I received scholarship offers from well-regarded universities.   I realized my passion for teaching swimming during college and haven't stopped since.

My favorite part of what I do is seeing the product of my work.  Aside from the thousands of young faces I have had in the pool, I enjoy the special challenges that have presented themselves.  I have had the pleasure of teaching children with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, deaf, and autistic children.  Beyond children, which are the bulk of my lessons, I have taught adults to conquer the water.  These lessons also meant a lot to me following Katrina.  I also give out swim lessons to charitable organizations such as Liberation Through Education.
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